Behavior Management and Tracking Software

Student behavior is an important aspect of the educational process. As student's behavior not only affects their personal learning experience, it affects the learning experiences of all other students in the classroom. School districts spend a lot of time and energy developing behavior strategies and plans aimed at targeting inappropriate behaviors such as bullying. However, it is often difficult to measure the success of such behavior strategies.

The BITS Behavior Management System allows a school district to easily track student behavior over time for individual students, specific schools and for the entire district. The system provides a powerful set of tools used evaluate student behavior in a number of fully customizable ways.

Web-Based Behavior Management:

BITS Web-Based Systems The web-based version of the BITS Behavior Management System is a multi-user, multi-role behavior tracking and reporting system designed to meet the needs of an entire school district.

Powerful reporting and analytical tools provide insights into behavioral trends for individual students, individual schools and the entire district.

Installable Behavior Management:

BITS Desktop System The installable version of the BITS Behavior Management System is designed for single-user use and is great for recovery room personnel, parents and individual educators wanting to get a handle on student behavior.

The system can be downloaded and installed in just a few minutes on most Windows-based computers.

Try the Web-Based System Demo!

We invite you to try the online demo of the web-based version of the BITS Behavior Managment System.

You will be able to log in as a District Administrator, Principal and Educator. You can create and manage incidents, manage tracking data and more. Please call (816) 694-7511 if you would prefer a personal presentation of the system.


The BITS Advantage:

The BITS Behavior systems let you set up customized tracking criteria for Incident Types, Subject/Activity, Location, Intervention/Consequence, Behaviors, and Student Goals. By using this system, you can easily produce valuable reports for parental meetings and student evaluations.

You can produce student analytics for quickly assessing a students tendencies and patterns, detailed incident reports for student files or parent signature and detailed incident history reports with all of the tracking criteria and notes.

Both the web-based version of the behavior management system and the desktop version provide an excellent way to manage, analyze and improve upon the disciplinary tendencies in your classrooms and for individual students.