Create and Manage Behavioral Life Goals

The BITS Behavioral Information Tracking System allows you to group and relate individual Target Behaviors into general life goals.

These general Goals For Life can be created and tracked independently of other information within the BITS system. Generally, every behavioral incident will be associated with at least one Target Behavior and at least one Goal For Life.

The Goals For Life tab has the following columns:

Skill Description

This column displays the descriptive name that you have assigned to your Goal for Life.

Number of Incidents

This column shows the total number of behavioral incidents that are associated with this Goal for Life.

Intervention Minutes

The Intervention Minutes keeps track of the total number of minutes that students have spent out of class dealing with incidents that are related to this Goal for Life.

Average Intervention Minutes

This number is calculated by dividing the total Intervention Minutes by the total number of incidents. The Average Intervention Minutes will tell you how long on average it takes a student to correct a behavioral incident for this Goal for Life.