Track and Report Your Students' Target Behaviors

The BITS Behavioral Information Tracking System allows you to create fully customized, re-useable "Target Behaviors".

A Target Behavior is a specific, definable behavior such as "Will Not Use Abusive Language".

When you create a student in the BITS system, you select from the master listing of Target Behaviors in order to clearly spell out specific behaviors that the student is working to overcome or improve upon.

The columns in the Target Behaviors tab are described below:

Target Behavior

This is the descriptive name that you give to your Target Behavior

Date Last Used

This column displays the last date that the Target Behavior was recorded as part of a behavioral incident for a student.

Number of Incidents

This column shows the total number of behavioral incidents that are associated with this target behavior.

Intervention Minutes

The Intervention Minutes keeps track of the total number of minutes that students have spent out of class dealing with incidents that are related to this Target Behavior.

Average Intervention Minutes

This number is calculated by dividing the total Intervention Minutes by the total number of incidents. The Average Intervention Minutes will tell you how long on average it takes a student to correct a behavioral incident for this target.