Web-Based Behavior Management System Demo:

The BITS web-based behavior management system demo is available by following the link below.


There are three logins available for the three user roles:
Role Description User Name Password
District Administrator Can do everything a Principal can do plus can create new users and set up and manage tracking criteria. Additionally, the District Admin can see an overview of the behavioral data for the entire district and can drill down on individual buildings. admin@demodistrict.com adminpass
Principal Can do everything an Educator can do plus can see an overview of a building and their assigned educators and students. principal@demodistrict.com principalpass
Educator Can add, edit and delete behavioral incidents, view detailed student data, record student and incident notes, manage student and incident documents and more. The Educator's role comes with a dashboard that helps to keep track of "open" incidents and latest incidents. The dashboard also allows the educator to see trends in behavioral data for students. educator@demodistrict.com educatorpass

If you have questions about the application or would like to request a walk-through, please call (816) 694-7511.