Web-Based Behavior Management System Features:

Like the desktop version of the BITS Behavior Management System, the web-based system is designed to do more than simply record behavioral incidents for students.  The web-based system is intended to be a tool that can be used to analyze and improve upon student behavior both on the individual student level and for an entire district.

With this goal in mind, each user in the system is provided a series of dashboards that serve to organize behavioral data and point out trends and tendencies within that data.

Regardless of the type of behavior policies and programs that may be installed in the district or school, the BITS system can provide real-time data that will help to determine the level of success that is being achieved. The web-based version of the BITS Behavioral Management System provides extensive tools for this process by providing views into the data for four main targets:
  • The entire district
  • Specific school buildings or groups
  • Individual educators
  • Individual students

The web-based software is ideal for individual schools and/or entire districts because of the system's built-in ability to share data throughout the district. The anywhere/anytime access means that data can be securely accessed by teachers, principals and school administrators so that they can work in a collaborative way. This allows staff members to effectively deal with individual student behavioral issues and also make better decisions regarding school behavior policies.

The web-based version of the BITS system is packed full of powerful features including:
  • Instant access to a student's entire disciplinary history
  • Multiple behaviors recorded for a single incident
  • Multiple interventions recorded for a single incident
  • Incident Severity Levels
  • Unlimited Student Notes
  • Unlimited Incident Notes
  • Unlimited student documents can be uploaded
  • Unlimited documents can be uploaded for an incident
  • Sophisticated user roles and permission system
  • User-defined behaviors, behavior categories, interventions and intervention categories

There are many more features than this available. Please register and try our Online Demo for a better idea of the system's power, or call (816) 694-7511 for more information.