Student Behavior Management System Features

The BITS Behavioral Management System allows educators to track student behavior in a number of ways.

Real-time, analytical reports can be generated by student or overall showing behavioral incident history as it relates to time of day, class or activity, location and many other variables - all customizable by the user.

Behavioral incidents can be tracked with the following tools using completely customizable attributes:

Student Behavior Dashboard View

The BITS Dashboard is designed to give you an overview of Student Behavioral Incidents at a glance.  Their are four main sections providing real-time behavioral information... Student Behavior Dashboard View

Student Management Summary

The Students Tab provides an overview of each student's incident history and totals for all student incedents.  From this screen you can quickly print details reports that... Student Management Summary

Behavioral Incident Summary

The Incidents Tab provides a log of all open student incidents by date in decending order.  Incidents remain "open" until they are flagged as resolved in the incident management screen and... Behavioral Incident Summary

Incident Types

The Indident Types Tab lists all of the incident types that you have set up. Incident Types are fully customizable descriptions of the type of incident being recorded. This allows the user to track specific behavior related topics such as Proactive Behaviors... Incident Types

Incidents by Class or Activity

Each behavioral incident can be tracked by Class or Activity. These can be specific student classes, activities such as lunch or recess, etc. As is the case with all tracking attributes, the user can completely customize the listing. Incidents by Class or Activity

Incidents by Physical Location

Often it is important to understand where behavioral incidents are occurring. By Tracking the physical location of behavioral incidents you will...  Incidents by Physical Location

Incidents by Time of Day

Do you know when your students are most likely to have problems? By tracking the time of day for behavioral incidents, you can take advantage of...  Incidents by Time of Day

Intervention Types

Behavioral incidents should usually meet with some type of consequence. The BITS system allows you to track specific consequence/intervention types for each student and overall...  Intervention Types

Target Behavior Management

When creating a behavioral plan for your students, you can determine target behaviors that you wish to address. The target behaviors can be re-used for all...  Target Behavior Management

Behavioral Life Goals

When addressing student behavior, it can be helpful to pair Target Behaviors with an overall life goal. The Goals For Life tab allows you to create re-usable life goals for...  Behavioral Life Goals

Behavioral Reporting

The reporting tools built into the BITS Behavioral Information Tracking System allow you to generate reports for individual Students, Incidents, Incident Types, Class/Activities, Locations, Time Blocks, Interventions, Target Behaviors and Goals For Life. But BITS doesn't stop there. The system also comes with a complete set of overview reports for... Behavioral Reporting

Export Behavior Data to Excel

Do you think you will need to see your data in other ways? The BITS system will allow you to export your data to Excel in a number of ways... Export Behavior Data to Excel

Calendar Settings

The BITS Behavioral system enables you to change the period of time you are looking at student data for globally. This means that you can focus on a particular calendar year, month, semester, etc. This is particularly helpful when... Calendar Settings