Personalized Student Behavior Intervention Tracking

The BITS Behavioral Information Tracking System allows you to create and monitor behavioral interventions in any way that you need.

Interventions are defined disciplinary actions that students are subject to as a result of a behavioral incident.

Each behavioral incident can have multiple Interventions assigned to it. In this way, if a student's behavior results in more that one behavioral consequence you can track each consequence/intervention seperately.

The Interventions tab has several columns of information that are explained below:


This is the name that you give to your Intervention/Consequence.

Date Last Used

This column displays the last date the the Intervention was used for your group of students.

Times Used

This column shows the total number of times that your students have had a behavioral incident that resulted in the listed intervention. Scanning this column will give you a quick idea of what interventions are being used most often for your students.

Minutes Used

If you are keeping track of minutes out of class, this column totals all students time out of class for the specific Intervention/Consequence.


The Preventative column summarizes the count and percent of total incidents that are considered Preventative that have resulted in this Intervention. Of course certain Interventions will score higher in the Preventative column.


The Disciplinary column summarizes the count and percent of total incidents that are considered Disciplinary for this Intervention type. The higher the percent of incidents are Disciplinary the more likely it is that a student does not have control over a behavioral pattern.