Track Student Behavioral Incident Types

The Incident Types tab of the BITS behavioral management system is used to define and to track a fully customizable set of behavioral "Incident Types".

You can create as many incident types as you need to adequetly describe behavioral patterns among your students.

For tracking purposes, Behavioral Incident Types are set up as either "Preventative" or "Disciplinary". The columns are described below:

Incident Type

This is the name that you have selected as your behavioral incident type - For instance Proactive, Reactive, Positive, Negetive, etc. Behavioral Incident Types are automatically split into seperate bars within the Student Analytics report.


This is the Description of the Incident Type

Number of Incidents

This column displays the total number of behavioral incidents that this incident type has been used for.

Intervention Minutes

The BITS Behavioral Information Tracking System allows you to track the duration in minutes that a student has been out of class taking care of behavioral incidents. This column reports the total number of minutes that were spent as a result of this Incident Type.

Average Intervention Minutes

This column shows the average minutes spent in intervention for this behavioral incident type. It is computed by dividing the total Intervention Minutes by the Total Number of Incidents.